At Hausmann, we specialize in sugar reduction and natural preservation.

With the aim of adapting its products to the needs of today's consumers and becoming an ally of the industry in meeting new demands, Hausmann Aromatics has conducted scientific studies that have led to the development of advanced solutions for creating low-calorie foods, using natural ingredients, and preserving final products.

As part of its research work over the past year, the company Hausmann has completed scientific studies based on the concentration of plant extracts and the selection of molecules via plant extraction that provide high sweetening power. This work has resulted in the development of, among others, Hausweet, a natural ingredient that "100% replaces sugars without the need for other sweeteners," according to the company.
Applicable to any sector of products, ranging from beverages, pastries, dietary supplements, ice creams, dairy products, and derivatives, Hausweet provides a "clean, free from aftertaste" taste, offering high sweetness intensity with low caloric content, making it also suitable for diabetics. It is worth noting its low dosage in applications compared to sugar, facilitating the production of low-energy products. Additionally, "our company offers the possibility of advising the client, facilitating the obtaining of a balanced product, treating each of the finished products uniquely and individually," they add from Hausmann.

In the field of preservation, another main area of action for the company, and in line with the growing demand for natural ingredients that help extend the shelf life of food, Hausmann strengthened its offering in 2018 with the new RMS 3000 extract, which exhibits antifungal properties.

It is an ingredient composed of plant extracts with synergistic effects that help preserve bakery, pastry, and biscuit products for a longer period. It also contributes to enhancing the final flavor of the finished products without imparting any odor.

"It has been found to be a substitute for other artificial preservatives, with a longer-lasting effect while keeping the dough soft and fluffy," they conclude.

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