The Wine Week: 'Antonio Bernal, Commercial Director...

Aromas, extracts, are some of the key components in the agri-food industry overall. As leaders in the sector, we talked to Antonio Bernal, Commercial Director of Hausmann Aromatic, firma líder, pionera en la I+D+i en este campo y que ofrece un servicio integral a sus clientes.

As the Head of the Commercial Department at Hausmann Aromatic, what are your top priorities regarding sales and customer service?

Recently, in the commercial department, we have increased our human resources to continue collaborating with our clients and potential clients in the development of new projects in the sectors where we have a stronger presence: liquor industries, wine derivatives, ice cream, non-alcoholic beverages, dietary, pharmaceutical, cosmetics... We will strengthen our client portfolio with new contributions in the bakery, pastry, bread-making, and savory divisions, thanks to our commercial team, composed of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the aroma and ingredient sectors for the food industry. Our technical and R&D departments are fundamental in our company. In them, we design projects tailored to the needs of our industrial clients, adding value to their final products. In our R&D labs, we innovate in the fields of extracts, aromas, emulsions, antioxidants... Once developed, these aromas and ingredients are applied in the finished product. In Hausmann's application labs, our technicians conduct panel tests, sensory analysis, organoleptic aspects, physicochemical, microbiological... This close collaboration allows us to offer comprehensive service and attention to our partner/collaborator: the client.

Hausmann is a reference in the development and innovation of flavors and their applications in food, dietetics, and pharmacy... What trends are consolidating in the wine sector?

The industry is demanding extracts from aromatic plants and spices in medium and high-strength beverages for use in gins or other spirits. In the family of wine derivatives, there is a clear trend towards mixing extracts, juices, and aromas of citrus fruits into more sophisticated blends with exotic or tropical flavors. Another rising trend is vermouths and alcopops. Vermouths based on well-defined extracts and aromas for golden, white, and red types. Combinations based on wine derivatives and soft drinks (alcopops) are an interesting option in a range of beverages that can combat thirst and heat sensation pleasantly, with an adult flavor profile. Examples include sangrias, summer reds, or blends of citrus fruit flavors, colas... which can have an alcohol content ranging from 5% to 8%.


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