The flavor, additive, and ingredient companies respond to the demands for naturalness.

Hausmann Aromatic has developed integrated fruit solutions (aroma paste, emulsions) for the confectionery industry, providing flavor, color, and fruit in the final products used in pastry, cookies, ice cream, and refreshing beverages. They are resistant in flavor and color to oven and freezing temperatures. We have also developed vegetable extracts and ingredients applied in soluble coffees, capsules, and infusions. We offer antioxidants and natural preservatives, preserving the active principles in plant extracts, applied in dough and sponge cakes, extending the shelf life of the products while keeping them tender and fluffy.

The company also highlights developments based on fatty aromas and toasted notes for application in bread, pastry, margarines... as well as stabilizers to maintain the stability of the glaze on the pastries, offering a decorative shine and effective adhesion in the coating of fried buns.
Their R&D work stands out for being customized according to each customer's demand, to design ingredients tailored to each need. Currently, their research lines are focused on 'the continuous study of the properties offered by nature in all its ranges of vegetables, plants, and fruits, extracting the best of them in their active principles, flavor, aroma, and color.'

Vía by: Techpress

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